Spokane in September!

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As I sit here and think of things that I want to write about our beautiful city my mind wanders to many different places. Those of you that know me probably find that as no surprise as I am commonly equated to the dog off Up that can focus on… Squirrel! But in all seriousness, this is an entirely new venue for me to just put some of my thoughts to paper. Travel, probably coming up. Food scene? Definitely coming up. 

But as I sit here today, and I ponder who my reader is, I realize that I really need to focus on something that is a little closer to home, and probably more prevalent for those looking to move to the Greater Spokane area. And today I get to talk about one of my favorite things, Spokane in September. 

Now it’s more than just September as the fall is the best time (in my opinion) in the #PNW. It’s when we are leaving Smaugust and entering the time of year that we get that morning chill that makes us think of hoodies and hiking boots. It’s when the day warms up and we can ditch the hoodies, pull out some good burgers, and invite our friends over for some BBQ and watch the sun slowly turn the sky into an orange masterpiece that not even Bob Ross could outdo. It’s when we get to start to light the campfire, pull out some smores, and chat the evening away. Then, as more time goes past we can put the little ones to bed, break out a good bottle of bourbon, and lose ourselves in the campfire thinking how lucky we are to live where we live.

September is really when we start to get back into hiking in my family as well. It’s when it becomes easier to want to go outside and spend some time in the trees. Hear the water run below my feet as I cross the bridge at Bowl and Pitcher. Smell the pine on the air as I walk the hairpin curves going up to Mineral Ridge. It’s also when I get to show my kids how dad (used) to be able to clime at Stevens Creek (that was a lot easier 10 years ago.)

Finally, September is when Spokane starts to come more alive as people aren’t at “the lake” anymore every chance they can get. In fact, here is a highlight of some fun things to do in Spokane in September. 

-Greenbluff: At the end of the month is what Fall Harvest Festival really kicks off. It is a little different in the time of COVID (Ewww, Covid) but still there for you to enjoy in a safe and thoughtful manner. There are many places to enjoy up in Greenbluff but one of my favorites is Harvest House for some delicious pumpkin donuts and live music! (http://www.greenblufffarms.com/fall-harvest-festival-in-green-bluff.php)

-Fall Colors: As we get more and more into the month and we get our first real cold snap the fall colors will start to come out in force. In years past you were able to do a train ride up North (ran by the Rotary Club I believe,) but that has been shuttered these last two years. That doesn’t mean you cannot take some beautiful drives and/or hike as well. The Finch Arboretum, Manito Park and the Japanese Gardens, Greenbluff, and the Centennial Trail all have beautiful Maples, Ash, Beech, and Oak trees to see contrasted against the Evergreens. If you are lucky you may even see some Tamarack start to turn (more in Northern Idaho than around Spokane.)

-Wineries and Breweries: Around this time is when the local wineries will start to release some of their new blends and varietals, or if you are more of a beer person the dreaded/delicious (depends on who you are) Pumpkin Ale starts to be seen around Spokane too. I believe you may still be able to get into some Kumquat IPA at Perry Street Brewing or stop by our friends and Barrister to see some art and have a tasting flight. The Inland NW Craft Beer Festival is also on September 24th-25th down at Avista Stadium (https://washingtonbeer.com/festivals/inland-nw-craft-beer-festival.php)

-Spokane County Fair: Last but not least, you can go and check out the Spokane County Fair from the 11th to the 20th. This is usually one of the highlights of the area as you can go and see the animals and support the 4H kids, eat at the food trucks, and even ride some of the rides. There are concerts, rodeos, and other events to see as well. Always a fun way to kill some time, take someone on a date, or a family outing. (https://www.spokanecounty.org/1077/General-Information)

What are some of your favorite spots? We’d love to hear!

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