Spokane County Hirst Decision Update

BUILDING PERMITS AND WELLS: Changes due to a recent court case

I want to build using a well — what do I do now?
Start by talking with your county. Each county is interpreting and applying the court case differently.
→ Some counties have issued temporary laws restricting building that relies on groundwater wells.
→ Some areas of the state remain unaffected by the court decision. This may change over time as counties begin to enact new ordinances.

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Spokane Contact: Keith Stoffel
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“Hirst decision” (Whatcom County v. W Wash. Growth Mgmt. Hr’gs Bd. No. 91475-3)
→ Online resources Ecology’s web page about the court decision: programs/wr/ wrhome.html
→ Ecology’s web page on water resources: programs/wr/ wrhome.html